Colloidal Silver - Silver Water

Silver Water -Tradition and current use

Why was silverware used in earlier time? Silver is not only beautiful, but its antibacterial activity was desired, because silverware decreased the bacterial uptake while eating. The use of silver for disinfection and its antibiotic, bactericidal effect is well known since the mid-19th century, as ancient remedy it was used for a long time. Depending on the use of modern antibiotics, the application for colloidal silver has changed today: it is usually no longer a medicine, but there are applications particularly in deodorants, sportswear and disinfection in the household due to its antibacterial effect. Moreover, it still finds application in silver creams for accelerating wound healing.


Image of silverware

Preparation of colloidal silver (argentum colloidal) in water

"silver water" refers to a distilled water with electrically charged silver particles in solution. Silver water is mostly clear, its particles have a size between about 1 nm and up to about 10 nm and are not visible under normal microscopes. However under our darkfield microscope silver waters show their different compositions very clearly- depending on the percent level of silver solution. Therefore silver waters and its various solutions (ppm) were extremely interesting for us as a research approach with regard to their phenomenological appearance.

How silver water is produced?

Silver water can be produced by mechanical methods such as grinding of the particles in special colloid mills or electrolytically, which is the kind of silver water we have used to study in our laboratory. Its concentration can be determined by photometric cuvette. The content of silver in the solution is examined by light beam of a certain wavelength in order to measure the particle size.

How is silver water stored?

To store to Silver water in an optimal way, it should be protected against UV light ( filled into brown glass) (see “table low radiation” on our website) and be stored at or near room temperature and not in the vicinity of electromagnetic interference such as electrical appliances or mobile phones.


Silver water in different concentrations (ppm)

Silver water in the "world of drops"

Under aspects of research our interest focuses on the various silver solutions with different drop structures under the dark field microscope.

On behalf of these aspects we photographed the following silver solutions:


10 ppm

25 ppm

50 ppm