Water and boiled water

Water and heating

The boiling of water changes the structure of the drop under the microscope signifcantly.

Why have we made this test?

In Ayurvedic texts and applications drinking hot water is a central issue. It should, inter alia, be helpful for:

  • cell detoxification
  • fasting (also against hunger)
  • gaining inner peace and relaxation

The water is boiled before drinking between 5 to 10 minutes, cooled slightly and consumed over the day in a very warm condition (in today's mobile society the water is carried in an appropriate thermos).

Has the pure water cooking - without the addition of herbs, ginger, tea leaves - an impact on the structure of the image of the water drop? This is what we wanted to know.

And in fact, the structure of the water under the darkfield microscope changed before and after cooking.

Is it because of the crystallisation of minerals and limes remaining in the tea pot? Or does the water show a different appearance, because during cooking, the so-called clustering has been broken? Besides our phenomenological documentations, we still search for the reasons. But maybe you have a first explanatory approach? Write to us at, Keyword: Cooking

Tea, milk and coffee, from the top. On the left boiled at an electric kitchen stove. At the right: microwave heating.

Food and heating

Coffee and tea water as well as milk are heated on an electric cooker and in the microwave. This series of experiments illustrates the change brought about by the electronic devices that are used to heat the water.