Your own memory of water photo

"Fascinating beautiful! Like a marble disc."

"If I did not know that it is a drop of water, then I would consider it a glance into space...."

These and other statements of our visitors in our exhibitions we hear over and over again and this also inspires us. Regardless of the research-based observation memory of water and documentation, the drops also have their very own aesthetic effect. Although we have a look at our drops every day, they are still interesting for us, invigorating, exciting and beautiful.

And of course at lectures about our research and exhibitions we are often asked: What does my drinking water look like? Like the water of my favorite lake? Or like the water from the jug with jewels? Grander water? Colloidal water? And and and….

A look with the dark field microscope reveals the answers to these questions, a response characteristic of the water with its dried structures.

By popular demand and wish, we now offer our photo opportunities for your own water samples. Send us your water as a sample by post as a parcel and we keep the phenomenological moment fixed of your water under the dark field microscope for you as photo.

You will receive your water photo as JPG by email.

Bonus: We will print your water photo in the printing company of our confidence as a poster in DIN A3 size and send it to you by post. And of course with free shipping worldwide! As a gift or for your own practice and home.

Please note that we do not comment on the quality of the water, but only on the phenomenological character of water fixed in the picture of a dried drop as we carry it out in our research studies and exhibitions. This offer is aimed exclusively at private persons - the use of the created pictures in publications of any kind (print, web and so on) requires earlier consultation with us and the written release (this seems to us being self-evident, but nevertheless we mention it briefly).

microscope slide with waterdrops
microscope slide with waterdrops
darkfield microscope
darkfield microscope
Example: Water-Picture from Macao
Example: Water-Picture from Macao

Here's how it works:

  1. Desired water sample freshly taken in a clean glass. Before rinse the glass a few times with the desired water.
  2. Put the water sample (about 0.1 liter) in small vials made of glass(!) and wrap it tightly and damage-proof in aluminum foil into the same parcel.
  3. Letter with your name, address, telephone number and email, as well as the collection site and date of the water sample so that we can assign everything correctly.
  4. Parcel with letter and water sample - please franked – send to:

    GutesBuch Verlag
    c/o TAO Group
    Industriestr. 15
    70565 Stuttgart Germany

Once the water sample has arrived, you get an email from us to inform you about the ongoing process!

You get your own water photo by:

  • Photographing your water in our laboratory
  • Creating a jpg file
  • Documentation of your water in our water database

For an introduction price of: 249,00 € in our shop (article number W1).