Humans and mobile phone devices

The impact of mobile phones on the structure of the respective drops (Photos taken by a dark field microscope)

Photos taken by a dark field microsope

The electromagnetic radiation given off by mobile phones have certain effects on water. The documented results show water that has been exposed to the electromagnetic field of a mobile phone during a phone call (silent, no conversation) for two minutes.

The upper three pairs of pictures show saliva before and after the respective phone call. The saliva on the left was extracted before the phone call, that on the right after the phone call. Most notably, after being exposed to the mobile phone the structure of the saliva has changed to a more rigid and less diverse structure.

The lower pair of pictures shows the impact of the same experiment on water taken from lake Constance (German - Bodensee).

All illustrations have been taken from the book “World in a drop”, edited by GutesBuch Verlag.


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