The effects of low-frequency electric and magnetic fields on water

How do weak magnetic fields effect the human organism? This is a question which could previously not be answered with conventional measurement methods. Searching on means to make things visible since they can`t be seen in visible light for our perception, we have found water and the microscope as useful "tools".

Water reacts to weak field effects by changing the structure of water drops, which can be observed under the dark-field microscope.

As a basic test in our water research, we studied the influence of low-frequency fields surrounding us.

Field ProducerFrequencyPredominant Field Type
Traction Power16,7 Hzmagnetic
Household Electricity50 Hzelectric and magnetic
Transmission Line50 Hzelectric
Speaker10 Hz - 20 KHzmagnetic
Computer Monitors
50 Hzmagnetic

Low frequency electric fields
Low-frequency electric and magnetic fields can be found in the public power supply (Examples in the left table), in Germany uniformly 50 Hz; in the AC network of railways 16.7 Hz. There E-fields arise up to 600 V/m (at the platform) and B-fields of 100 µT (on the platform, inside trains).


Electric field strengths (cm in 30 from the unit), according to nach Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS); Übersicht der TÜV Südwest:

Water Heater 260 V/m
Iron 120 V/m
Hairdryer 80 V/m
Color television60 V/m
Vacuum cleaner 50 V/m

Alternating fields arise in electrical devices in households.


Magnetic flux densities (Cm 3 from the unit), according to Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS); Übersicht der TÜV Südwest:

Hairdryer 6-2000 µT
Vacuums 200-800 µT
TV 2,5-50 µT
Iron 8-30 µT
cooker, 1 kW5,4 µT

Strong magnetic fields arise in household devices with high power consumption (for example, electric or auxiliary heater, hairdryer), for devices with magnetic coils or transformers (for example, televisions, halogen lights) or for devices with electric motor (for example, vacuum cleaners, electric drill). Very strong electric fields of several thousand V/m can occur, for example, in close proximity to electric blankets.


Test with water and a magnetic field

The reference water (well water) is dripped onto a clean glass slide with a disposable syringe. Thereafter, the water is exposed to a magnetic field and dropped onto a second slide with a new, fresh syringe.

The photos show the structures of the water drops before and after the effects of the magnet.

Test 1: Water before the experiment (reference water, left); water 30 minutes after exposure to an iron magnet (right).


Water in the alternating field

In another experiment, we exposed the reference water to an alternating field of 50 Hz and in a second test to an alternating field of 500 Hz.

For this purpose water in a water bottle is placed into a coil, which can be loaded with different alternating fields. Here,although the same source of water is taken, but only once subjected to an alternating field, so that one and the same water is not used twice, rather than a new example of the reference water.

The experimental setup in the laboratory: Water bottles (A) in the alternating field (B): Voltage: +/- 10 V; Frequency: 50 Hz or 500 Hz; Magnetic flux density: 10 µT


before the test

after alternating field 50 Hz

after alternating field 500 Hz

The drops of water show the structures (left) under the dark field microscope.

Conclusion: "Our experiments in the static magnetic field and the alternating field indicate a great impact of these fields on the drying structures of water samples (photos test 1 and 2). Often magnetic fields lead to a "scratched" structure that appears to superimpose the unaffected image just like a network."

This conclusion and the experiment were taken from the research report "Electromagnetic pollution - A method for the detection of electromagnetic fields in living organism”, which you can order from us in English or German, if you like.


High-frequency fields

Human saliva before (left) and after a two-minute mobile call (right)

High-frequency fields are often caused by mobile phones (electromagnetic radiation for transmission of messages). The effects of high frequency fields we presented in the research "lettuce and mobile phone" and "humans and mobile phone" concerning mobile communication and the research about "cooking" on our website.


More about our water tests and our water research on the effect of magnetic fields and other topics, current issues and new research fields you will find also in our new, second book "Die Geheimnisse des Wassers", which appears in autumn 2016 in the AT Verlag (German edition in 2016, English following). Gladly more information on our websites soon.


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