Die Geheimnisse des Wassers

Die Geheimnisse des Wassers

New book (Only available in German language!):

Die Geheimnisse des Wassers ("The secrets of the water")

Neueste erstaunliche Ergebnisse aus der Wasserforschung ("Newest astonishing insights from the water research")

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin and Regine C. Henschel (M.A.)

150 photos, 135 pages, hardcover
AT Verlag
ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-03800-903-0
24,95 €

Fascinating water droplets under the darkfield microscope give a deep insight in the character of water: in the second book the Stuttgarter water research team from Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin publishs newest, astonishing insights.

Water reacts very sensitive on extern impacts and water stores information in the nature - and in our body. And the water is communicating through distances. The water pictures under the darkfield microsope document this phenomenons and the memory of water. Water has more importance in our life than we knew until now. In their research Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin and his team come closer to the secrets of water in a more systematic way. Their water research is reproduceable and show a deep insight how mobile phones, ultra sound, music, plants and stones, time, bioresonance therapies and thoughts take effect.

The authors publish the research of 15 years and with this book, they formulate a new role of the water in nature and in our body. This is the beginning of a new understanding of our world, our life and of us.

The book can be subscribed in our webshop, deliverable in October 2016. Only available in German language!

Our first book about the research and the exhibition "World in a drop"

A definitive guide to the element of water, the book takes one on a journey through the mysteries surrounding this commonplace fluid. Vastly illustrated, complemented with insightful texts, it is the perfect gift for any enthusiast.

Phenomena such as memory, communication and pattern formation in nature can be observed from a completely new perspective.

Sight in the book "World in a drop"

Various authors and themes, for example: phenomenes in water drops
Various authors and themes, for example: phenomenes in water drops
83 pages with round about 60 color photos and color charts
83 pages with round about 60 color photos and color charts
The English version is a paperback
Hardcover and cloth bound

The first two chapters outline the element's unique role in our environment, analysing it's physical structure and pattern characteristics in liquid, frozen and crystalline forms. A definition of water memory is proposed.

The book goes on to summarise our knowledge about the influence of waves and turbulence on the formation of water drops, namely when exposed to music and simpler audio sine signals of differing frequencies. Complemented with photographs taken by the artist Alexander Lauterwasser, one is presented with scientific thesis' as well as historic information on the matter. A particular highlight of this section is the proposed correlation between Chladni nodal patterns in water and the evolution of geometric form in nature.

The „Nature's Visual Language“ chapter concentrates on the observation of drying water drops containing extracts from various sources such as Thuja and Aloe, as seen through a microscope, documented by artist Ruth Kübler. The visual appearance of these droplets lets one make initial speculation as to the different characteristics and drying processes of water, juices, extracts, etc.

While scientific analysis of the depicted phenomena is still in its initial stages, it has gradually been set in motion. The chapter „Discovery – Mirrored in Water“ lays the foundation for a scientifically viable method of distinguishing the characteristics of water from specific sources (Bodensee, Ganges, ground water) based around an experimentally established database. Furthermore, the images contained in the chapter illustrate the effects of external influences such as electromagnetic radiation (e.g. as given off by a mobile phone).

Further topics:

  • Water droplet interaction
  • Objectivity and the experimental scientist
  • Thought visualisation in water

The book is a summary of the various aspects of water research, driven by the fascination of discovery rooted in strict scientific method, reminding one that each new finding even in the scientific world begins with our perception of a certain phenomenon.

The thoroughly illustrated hardcover spans 83 pages and gives insight into the research, the microcosm surrounding the element of water as well as possible future views on the subject.

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Welt im Tropfen
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World in a drop
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El Mundo Interior del Agua
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